Some Kind of Fairy Tale

Is she hiding a deeper secret?


Title: Some Kind of Fairy Tale
Author: Gra­ham Joyce
Series: N/A
Pub­lisher: Anchor
Genre: Fan­tasy, Con­tem­po­rary Fic­tion, Mystery
For­mat: Ebook
Source: Ama­zon

It is Christ­mas after­noon and Peter Mar­tin gets an unex­pected phonecall from his par­ents, ask­ing him to come round.


Can robots be human? Do they feel like we do or is it only because we have programmed them to? Are we taking advantage of them or is it our right since we created them?

This series started with vN which followed Amy, a robot made for the pleasure of humans. In Amy's case, her owner treated her as a person and kept her innocent like a child as long as he could. We are presented with the idyllic setting of a human caring for a vN as if it were a human child and teaching it while it aged but didn't grow, but Amy was an unusual case. Most vN were created to do work for us, to be there for us in any and every way imaginable, and with a built-in failsafe preventing them from ever harming us. And when I say 'every way imaginable' that is the truth. Most of the vN have been used by humans for their sexual pleasure and do not know that not everyone wants to have sex with them. In a way, even the 'adult' vN are like children.
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