Upcoming Events: Details and Ideas

In less than a month, my sched­ule will blow up.  I can’t believe how much I have packed into a few short weeks.

May 19 — Word­Camp Austin 2012 arrives.  I didn’t go last year, but I heard it is not to be missed.  By stalk­ing the announce­ment that tick­ets were on sale, I man­aged to get a ticket in the first group of sales.  I’m fol­low­ing the Blog­ger track and some of the speakers/sessions I’m inter­ested in are:

12 Secrets of Excel­lent Blogs — Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Many blogs go unread because they don’t know the lit­tle things that make a big dif­fer­ence. In this class you will learn how to use your blog to build a plat­form, estab­lish your exper­tise and change the world. If you have a blog that gets lit­tle to no com­ments this class will rock your world.

If You Build It, They Will Come, Right? — Nando Caban-Mendez

 Nope. Get a sys­tem to pro­mote and amplify your con­tent, get traf­fic, and build your list.  One of the most com­monly over­looked parts of mar­ket­ing is Pro­mo­tion. Wait, mar­ket­ing? I just write a blog.  Yes, but you want peo­ple to find it and come read it, right? Much like a busi­ness, that requires Pro­mo­tion.  The thing about Pro­mo­tion is that it can be hard work if you don’t have a sys­tem in place. I’ll share the new ver­sion of my Blog­ging Work­flow and Con­tent Pro­mo­tion tools and dis­cuss how it applies to  attendees.

Devel­op­ing a Dis­tinc­tive Online Voice — Leslie Hancock

In this work­shop, learn how to cul­ti­vate your own dis­tinc­tive voice in your writ­ing, build­ing authen­tic­ity and your per­sonal brand in the process and engag­ing read­ers more effec­tively. We will ana­lyze blog posts writ­ten with par­tic­u­larly engag­ing voices and iden­tify what makes them lin­guis­ti­cally unique. Then, in an inter­ac­tive work­shop, you will describe your blog­ging per­sona in-depth and prac­tice tweak­ing pas­sages with word choice and vary­ing gram­mat­i­cal pat­terns until you stand out from the crowd with writ­ing that con­sis­tently demon­strates your own strong and unique per­sonal voice.

Hope­fully these are spread into dif­fer­ent ses­sion times and don’t overlap.

May 22–30 I’m headed to Reno and CA for a wed­ding then vis­it­ing friends, sight­see­ing, etc.  I want to go out to Alca­traz this time as the dozens of times I’ve been to San Fran­cisco before, I’ve never actu­ally taken the tour.

May 30 — New Eng­land Here I come!  Fam­ily and friends to see, and some time to catch up on any school work for my sum­mer classes.

June 4 — BEA Blog­gers Con­fer­ence and Book Blog­ger UnCon.

I plan to spend the morn­ing at the BEA BC as the dis­cus­sions I’m inter­ested hap­pen at that time, and I want a chance to meet Sara Ben­in­casa dur­ing the lun­cheon.  Most of the ses­sions aren’t very entic­ing, but I do want to get some solid net­work­ing time in before every­one hits the floor for the Expo.

Then I’m hop­ping over to the BCuC to see what’s hap­pen­ing and spend some time talk­ing more in-depth blog­ging top­ics than I expect from the BBC.  Stay tuned for a post focused on the UnCon later this week.

June 5 — Book­Expo Amer­ica!

This is one event I love attend­ing.  This is my fourth year and with the new site/design, I expect it to be one of the best.  I haven’t begun to look at the sched­ule for this or map out what pub­lisher booths I want to stop by, but I still have a lit­tle time for that.

June 6 — Blog­World

While I’m not attend­ing any ses­sions this year, I am going to spend at least part of the day check­ing out the exhibits.  I expect to see some famil­iar faces as well as meet some new peo­ple here as well.

June 7 and Beyond — After a busy week, I may take it easy and take a pic­tures around the city.  I do want to stop by the cam­era shop and maybe get a new lens for my cam­era, and Word­Camp NYC is that week­end as well.  I don’t have my ticket home pur­chased yet, so my travel dates are flex­i­ble, but I’m not sure if I’ll be up for another event so soon.

Can you imag­ine cram­ming all these things into just a few short weeks?  I don’t know how I’m going to do all this, keep up with work, take two sum­mer courses, and still have fun.  But I’m def­i­nitely going to try!

Are you attend­ing any of these events?  Other events I should know about and try to fit in?

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