Envelope #7 is in the wilds of Ghirardelli Square



  1. Owen says:

    I also decided to teach a les­son on social exper­i­ments and play part of “Pay it For­ward” as a result of the dis­cus­sions that have come up around my oragami find. The most com­mon reac­tion they have is that I was brave to open it. What if there had been anthrax or some­thing bad in it? I tell them that that had crossed my mind but I was too curi­ous to not open it. When I saw the money I then started look­ing for the hid­den cam­era! Hahah. You’ve got a whole lotta peo­ple talk­ing in this San Fran­cisco school. I’ll also point peo­ple to your blog while on tour this sum­mer. Keep on writ­ing!

  2. Owen says:

    Hey there.
    I’m Owen and I’m 37 years old.
    I found envelop #7 while tak­ing a break between songs (I was the guy per­form­ing when you dropped it)
    I found it on May 28th (the day you dropped it) right under the Ghi­rardelli Map above.
    I paid it for­ward almost imme­di­ately by giv­ing away one of my CDs to a kid who loved the music but didn’t have any cash. I’m in the process right now of using your project as a les­son in my Eng­lish as a For­eign Lan­guage class. The stu­dents may leave some com­ments too!

    • maya says:

      Lovely project, to be hon­est I was skep­tic about the project but is real! Even thought I didn’t found the project (my teacher did), I find pleas­ant the fact that peo­ple do good to other with­out reason.

    • Amanda says:

      Awe­some! I’m so glad this one was found and used for not only a gift for a kid, but also a les­son for your class. I’d be happy to hear from your stu­dents too.

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