A Movie Filled Weekend

It’s been some time since I reviewed any movies, but since this has been a week­end full of them, I think it’s time to share.

Fri­day, I started off with The Woman in Black star­ring Daniel Rad­cliffe, bet­ter known as Harry Pot­ter.  I like his other work and I’ve seen most every­thing he’s done dur­ing and since.  He’s an actor I con­tinue to fol­low as he actu­ally has some skills.  TWiB while suc­cumb­ing to some expected hor­ror tropes, did a great job over­all.  I loved the set­ting and the house was amaz­ing! I’m sure I’d have night­mares, but I’d love to live there!  Well maybe just spend a week­end explor­ing?  My sug­ges­tion, if you want to avoid the hor­ri­ble end­ing trope, as soon as the walk off, turn it off.  You won’t miss any­thing except a hor­ri­ble 3 sec­onds they should have cut from the start.

Sat­ur­day, I watched The Fifth Ele­ment on Blu-Ray.  One of my favorites movies, and I’ll keep watch­ing it again and again.  Fol­low­ing that, I popped in Under­world: Awak­en­ing. I didn’t get more than 20 min­utes in before I said ‘That’s awe­some’ and it only got bet­ter from there.  They left it open enough that there could be a fifth, and I wouldn’t mind see­ing that.

Today, I doubt there will be time for any movies as I have school work to do and of course posts/reviews to write.  I fin­ished two books this week­end and can’t wait to tell you all about them.

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