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Title: The Skinny Rules: The Sim­ple, Non­nego­tiable Prin­ci­ples for Get­ting to Thin
(Ama­zon, Goodreads)
Author: Bob Harper
(Ama­zon, Goodreads, Web­site)
Series: None
Pub­lisher: Bal­lan­tine Books
Genre: Self-Help, Diet
For­mat: Hard­cover
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With so much con­flict­ing weight-loss advice out there to con­fuse your efforts, it’s no won­der you haven’t been suc­cess­ful los­ing weight and keep­ing it off. But with Bob Harper, super­star trainer and co-host of NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser as your per­sonal author­ity and coach, you can and will finally shed the pounds—whether you want to lose two or two hundred!

Dis­till­ing Bob’s vast knowl­edge of nutri­tion, weight-loss strat­egy, and human nature down to twenty sim­ple, non­nego­tiable prin­ci­ples, The Skinny Rules will help you step away from a reliance on processed foods and the need for so much sweet and salt and step into a newly thin lifestyle. And Bob’s meth­ods couldn’t be more straightforward.

Tak­ing the guess­work out of imple­ment­ing the Skinny Rules, Bob offers a month’s worth of menu plans and more than 90 deli­cious, rule-abiding recipes for break­fast, lunch, din­ner, and snacks to keep you cook­ing and eat­ing skinny for life. You’ll be hap­pily astounded to see the vari­ety and vol­ume of the tasty food on your plate! He also includes ter­rific tips for what to stock in your fridge and what to pre­pare every week­end in order to set your­self up for suc­cess dur­ing your too-busy-to-cook weekdays.

A vir­tual GPS to your weight-loss goals, The Skinny Rules takes the mys­tery out of the process, offer­ing the fastest route to your skinny destination.


Rule #3: Eat pro­tein at every meal, mak­ing some kind of fish your go-to pro­tein as often as you can. Take your weight and divide it by two—that’s more or less how much pro­tein you should be eat­ing in grams every day.

Rule #15: Eat at least ten meals a week at home (and cook them your­self). Restau­rant por­tions are usu­ally 40 to 50 per­cent big­ger than what you’d serve at home—the more you eat out, the more you overeat. Set your­self up for suc­cess by prepar­ing my turkey meat­balls, hum­mus, and roasted veg­eta­bles on the week­end so that you will have go-to sta­ples and no excuses!

Rule #18: Go to bed slightly hun­gry. Denied fuel for more than five hours, your body will start burn­ing its own fat and sugar. Make a point not to eat after din­ner and you’ll be burn­ing fat while you’re sleep­ing.
Rule #20: Enjoy a splurge meal once a week. Unlike episodic binge­ing, splurge meals are an ingre­di­ent in your diet. When you plan some­thing, you are in control.


From the start, Harper doesn’t seem to take him­self too seri­ously.  Yes, this is a self-help book.  Yes, he is a per­sonal trainer on one of America’s favorite weight loss shows, The Biggest Loser.  Yes, he wrote a book like so many other train­ers hop­ing to help you get healthy.  But, he doesn’t do it in a preachy way.  His ‘rules’ are backed up with his expe­ri­ence as well as those of his clients and the con­tes­tants on the tv show.  And there are plenty of humor­ous moments included.

The first half of the book is ded­i­cated to out­lin­ing the rules and how to fol­low them.  It’s very straight for­ward, noted with ‘step down’ hints for those that just can’t give this or that up, and his sug­ges­tions just make sense.  I’ve done the 30 day Paleo diet, and Harper’s rec­om­men­da­tions are sim­i­lar.  Although he doesn’t restrict you on cer­tain nuts or dairy which the Paleo sug­gests you do.

Some of the rules are quite obvious:

  • Drink plenty of water, prefer­ably a large glass before each meal.
  • Eat pro­tein at each meal. (And he pro­vides a sim­ple method to fig­ure out how much you need each day.)
  • Eat at home and pre­pare your meals.
  • Enjoy a splurge meal (not a whole day, a meal) each week.  Prob­a­bly my favorite of the obvi­ous rules.

The oth­ers are not so obvi­ous, and I think the biggest issue I have with his rules is you still have to count calo­ries and track what you’re eat­ing.  With the Paleo diet, so long as you weren’t adding things like dairy, white pota­toes, and eat­ing things on the Do Not Eat List, you didn’t have to count any­thing.  For me, not hav­ing to keep track of how much of this or that I was eat­ing made it very easy to stick to and lose weight.  I dropped 15 lbs while on the Paleo, and since going back to it in a mod­i­fied ver­sion, I’ve lost around 4.

I found the recipes in the lat­ter half of the book are sim­ple, easy, and deli­cious.  (Note: I’ve only made two din­ners from it so far.)  I eat a lot of fish, and find­ing new ways to pre­pare it with­out but­ter or salt is always welcome.

For fans of the show, I would highly sug­gest this book.  For those that are look­ing for an easy to fol­low plan for los­ing weight, I rec­om­mend this book.  It really does ring true with a lot of what I’ve dis­cov­ered works for me per­son­ally, so I hope that you can find some guid­ance in it as well on your weight loss journey.

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