Without memories, what are we?


Title: Tech­no­mancer
(Ama­zon, Goodreads)
Author: B. V. Lar­son
(Ama­zon, Goodreads, Web­site)
Series: Unspeak­able Things
Pub­lisher: 47North
Genre: Para­nor­mal Fan­tasy, Sci­ence Fic­tion
For­mat: Paper­back
Source: BEA 2012


A new kind of alien invasion…

When Quentin Draith wakes up in a pri­vate sana­to­rium, he has no mem­ory of who he is or how he received the injuries rid­dling his body. All he knows is that he has to get out, away from the drugs being pumped into him and back to the real world to search for answers. His first ques­tion: How did his friend Tony’s inter­nal organs fill with sand, killing him in a Las Vegas car crash?

After a nar­row escape, he tracks down the basic facts: he is an inves­ti­ga­tor and blog­ger spe­cial­iz­ing in the supernatural—which is a good thing, because Quentin’s life is get­ting stranger by the minute. It seems he is one of a spe­cial breed, a per­son with unusual pow­ers. He’s also the prime sus­pect in a string of mur­ders linked by a series of seem­ingly mun­dane objects. The deeper he digs and the harder he works to clear his name, the more Quentin real­izes that some truths are bet­ter off stay­ing buried…


Mys­tery, intrigue, like­able rogue, aliens, alter­nate real­i­ties, all this and more cre­ate a stun­ning first book in B.V. Larson’s Unspeak­able Things series.  Quentin Draith awakes in a room with only a pic­ture under his pil­low.  While he doesn’t recall his past up to this point, he knows he needs to get out of this room.  Escap­ing the sana­to­rium, sub­merge Quentin in a plot with many twists.  He’s fol­lowed and sought out by peo­ple who know more about him than he does, but rarely do they share this infor­ma­tion.  The peo­ple, espe­cially close friends and lovers, he meets seem to always end up dead or miss­ing, and that makes Quentin the num­ber one suspect.

Larson’s story feels like a com­bi­na­tion between 2000’s Memento and the SciFi Chan­nel’s 2006 mini-series The Lost Room.  Both of which I loved and are ini­tially what drew me to pick up this title.  Mys­te­ri­ous objects come in through­out the story, each with its own spe­cial power and Quentin slowly starts to put together the link between the peo­ple, objects, and the alter­nate real­i­ties from which they came.  While Lar­son wraps up this tale with­out too many ques­tions, I expect the next book in the series will con­tinue to expand his uni­verse and cre­ate truly won­der­ful series.


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