Secrets, Seduction and Scandal


Title: Sut­ton Place
(Ama­zon, Goodreads)
Author: Louise Gay­lord
(Ama­zon, Goodreads, Web­site)
Series: None
Pub­lisher: Lit­tle Moose Press
Genre: Fic­tion, Mys­tery
For­mat: Kin­dle eBook
Source: JKS Com­mu­ni­ca­tions


…a hor­rific inci­dent from Julia Fairchild’s past —one she thought had been buried long ago —comes
charg­ing back into her life. Then a promis­ing roman­tic week­end goes bad, which makes stay­ing at
Sut­ton Place more than Julia can han­dle. So she flees her home, her family…her life. But appar­ently,
she can’t go far enough.

The Fairchilds were a happy fam­ily of wealthy New York stock, with two lov­ing daugh­ters. Until the
secrets started to surface.

The first secret was revealed when Julia was told the truth about her father. Her reac­tion to the
rev­e­la­tion sent her spin­ning out of control.

The sec­ond secret con­cerned the parent­age of Julia’s sis­ter, Ariel. How Ariel responded to the
rev­e­la­tion astounded the rest of the family.

Now Julia is build­ing a superb rep­u­ta­tion at one of New York’s finest hos­pi­tals. The future looks bright until a roman­tic week­end turns into a dis­as­ter. Flee­ing home and fam­ily, she moves to New Mex­ico and starts to pull her life together.

Just when it looks like things are head­ing toward happily-ever-after, events in New York draw Julia
back to Sut­ton Place, where she learns of Ariel’s secret life and finds her­self fac­ing her worst
Sut­ton Place moves a mile a minute and never lets you see what’s com­ing around the next turn.


This book is chock full of secrets, seduc­tion and scan­dal.  The best 3 ‘s’ for a good mys­tery book.  Add to that a good dose of obses­sion, and this book has it all.  The book jumps right into the life of Julia, a bro­ken soul who’s slowly recov­ered and become a val­ued mem­ber of one of New York’s best hos­pi­tals.  She works with chil­dren and is mak­ing great strides in their devel­op­ment, espe­cially the autis­tic children.

Her world seems to be back on the right path after a hor­rific acci­dent in her past.  And yet, not all is as it seems.  She learns her father isn’t who she thought, her sis­ter has deeper secrets than Julia’s, and there is an omi­nous caller breath­ing into her phone.

Julia’s well con­trolled life is about to spi­ral out of con­trol, and she doesn’t even know why.  As the story unfolds, there are more twists and turns that bring her to ques­tion her san­ity, her growth, and all that she has known.

Just when you think you’ve got­ten it fig­ured out, Gay­lord throws another ratchet into the mix.

This is the first book I’ve read of Gaylord’s, but I doubt it will be the last.  While there is a lot of sad­ness in this story, she keeps  you com­ing back to find out what will hap­pen, how strong her char­ac­ters are despite their faults, and it feels like you could know these peo­ple in life.  I highly rec­om­mend this book to all.

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Keep an eye out for my author inter­view with Louise Gaylord.

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