I’m Done.

I’ve been mak­ing excuses for a lot of things that I do or that I haven’t done.  That stops now.  I’ve grown a lot over the past 5 years and it’s time to do all those things I keep putting off.  I recently read an arti­cle over at The Mid­dle Fin­ger Project that really opened my eyes.

My biggest but is a trip to Ire­land that I planned back in 2001, but didn’t actu­ally go on due to so many silly rea­sons.  There was always some­thing else I could spend my sav­ings on, not enough vaca­tion time (because I didn’t save it either,) and many other small rea­sons I let pile up until I pushed it aside.

In 2 weeks I turn 34.  In honor of reach­ing 35 next year, I have cre­ated a list of 35 things I’d like to do before I turn 35.  I’ve ded­i­cated a page to these tasks and will update each as I com­plete them.  No more excuses.  No more talk­ing myself out of doing some­thing because I’m scared or lazy or any other rea­son I can come up with.

Most of these are fun, but they will be a chal­lenge that will take me out of my com­fort zone and hope­fully encour­age some new growth in my life along the way.  And who knows what new expe­ri­ences will come along with these adventures.

EDIT: The list is live on my 35 by 35 page.  Click Here!



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  1. Amanda —

    We want to see the list! Will you send us a link when you’ve made it?


    To a killer 34, baby —

    Ash & the TMF team!

    • Amanda says:

      Ash — thanks for stop­ping by and for writ­ing such a wake up post to get me off my butt! The list is on a ded­i­cated page located here: 35 by 35 I’m work­ing on a track­ing chart to show my progress since some of my tasks are done once and oth­ers are over a longer period. Keep check­ing back for updates.


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