How I Live Now

Every war has turning points and every person too.

Title: How I Live Now
(Ama­zon, Goodreads)
Author: Meg Rosoff
(Ama­zon, Goodreads, Web­site)
Series: None
Pub­lisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Fic­tion
For­mat: eBook
Source: Ama­zon
“Every war has turn­ing points and every per­son too.”

Fifteen-year-old Daisy is sent from Man­hat­tan to Eng­land to visit her aunt and cousins she’s never met: three boys near her age, and their lit­tle sis­ter. Her aunt goes away on busi­ness soon after Daisy arrives. The next day bombs go off as Lon­don is attacked and occu­pied by an unnamed enemy.

As power fails, and sys­tems fail, the farm becomes more iso­lated. Despite the war, it’s a kind of Eden, with no adults in charge and no rules, a place where Daisy’s uncanny bond with her cousins grows into some­thing rare and extra­or­di­nary. But the war is every­where, and Daisy and her cousins must lead each other into a world that is unknown in the scari­est, most ele­men­tal way.

A riv­et­ing and aston­ish­ing story
I heard about this through a review of the movie based upon the book.  I haven’t watched the movie yet, and I’m not sure if I will.  It’s sup­posed to be good, but I get the feel­ing it won’t be any­thing but the book itself with­out any­thing added to improve the story for the movie.
The story itself is some­what hard to fol­low as there are ref­er­ences to a war, but not any­thing con­clu­sive giv­ing the era for this story.  At first, it seemed they were refer­ring to the sec­ond World War, but then there is men­tion of email and cell phones so I knew it had to be more recent and per­haps dur­ing a third World War?  Once you get past that snag and dis­re­gard the time, the story is fairly fast paced and interesting.
There was a lot of men­tion about the cousins incest, but in the book it was pretty low-key and while they cer­tainly hinted at the seed­ier side, it wasn’t over­done or gratuitous.
Over­all, the story is well told and I did enjoy it.  How­ever, the end left me won­der­ing if there had been a sec­ond book planned or a longer ver­sion that was then cut.  A bet­ter end point would have been just after the call from her father, but past that the story seems to con­tinue on with­out too much pur­pose or point.
And the anger from Edmond doesn’t make sense to me, but I can’t go into too much detail since it would give away a lot about the book.
The book has won mul­ti­ple awards and nom­i­na­tions and it does give an accu­rate per­spec­tive on how war can both sep­a­rate and bring together families.


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