Full Disclosure

Are you inter­ested in hav­ing me review some­thing on SotP? Please read below for all the details you need to know before approach­ing me.

I will start by say­ing that I always give my hon­est opin­ion, no mat­ter how I came across the var­i­ous items I review on my site. This includes things that I buy for myself, have received as a gift, unso­licited and solicited items, pre­views, etc. I value my read­ers and value my own opin­ions. I am rarely ever harsh in my reviews, but I will not speak pos­i­tively of some­thing I don’t feel deserves my rec­om­men­da­tion. I also don’t expect to be given items of great value to review as a reward for a pos­i­tive review nor will I accept them. In the course of each review, there will be a call out to how I received the item, why I chose to review it/use it/etc. as well as my hon­est opin­ion. I will also try to find and link to other reviews both pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive for my read­ers to check out if they are so inclined.

I try to include the fol­low­ing in all of my reviews:
Pic­ture of item
Per­ti­nent details/description of item (for books this will include a link to the Author and Publisher’s web­site if avail­able)
Release Date if applic­a­ble
Sum­mary of item from an out­side source such as Ama­zon, item’s web­site, etc
Bonus mate­r­ial (this can include a movie, blurb, pre­view, excerpt, etc) if avail­able
Short sum­mary of why I have the item and where I purchased/received it etc
Review – My hon­est opin­ion of the item.
Links to alter­nate reviews, sim­i­lar items, posts, etc

All review links are posted to Twit­ter and Face­book with an email to the Publisher/Author/Publicist if con­tact infor­ma­tion is made avail­able to me. I also upload my book reviews to GoodReads. The major­ity of my reviews revolve around books and book related items as I am an avid reader. I expect to expand this to include more items, so feel free to reach out if, after read­ing some of my posts and my auto-biography, you think I’d be inter­ested in your item.

I enjoy a vari­ety of gen­res and always give a book my best go at it. There­fore all the fol­low­ing are open cat­e­gories for reviews: literary/contemporary fic­tion, lit­er­ary non­fic­tion, mem­oirs, non­fic­tion (sci­ence, cul­tural stud­ies, lan­guage, jour­nal­ism, archi­tec­ture, art), travel nar­ra­tives, comic books, sci­ence fic­tion, chic lit, young adult, hor­ror, thrillers, fan­tasy, his­tor­i­cal fic­tion (any), mob sto­ries, graphic nov­els, mys­ter­ies (any), para­nor­mal, out­door writ­ing. I gen­er­ally shy away from review­ing although I do occa­sion­ally read explic­itly reli­gious, erot­ica, pol­i­tics, self-help, romance etc.

Series: I do not read series books out-of-order. If you want me to review the sec­ond or third in a new-to-me series, I will likely ask for copies of the first books so I can catch up. These books will be reviewed as well.

Please email me with any pitches you want to throw my way. If I am inter­ested, I will respond back with my con­tact details, and if I am not, I will let you know. Don’t feel that if one pitch doesn’t grab my inter­est the next one won’t as well. Keep send­ing them my way or bet­ter yet send me a cat­a­log and let me choose a book or two that I know I will be inter­ested in reading.

I am very open to get­ting unso­licited ARCs, early fin­ished copies, and back­list books in my mail­box. There is no guar­an­tee that these will be reviewed, but if they catch my inter­est, I will read and review them. If they do not inter­est me, I will pass them on to some­one who will read them.

I pre­fer an early copy of a fin­ished book to ones that need a lot of edit­ing, and I gladly accept and review ARCs. I can accept e-books that are avail­able in a for­mat com­pat­i­ble with Kin­dle or Nook as well as PDFs. I love to review back­list books—if a new edi­tion is com­ing out or the author is about to pub­lish a new book, I would be happy to review from your back­list to pro­duce some buzz.

I am also open to par­tic­i­pat­ing in blog tours. If you would like me to par­tic­i­pate in a book blog tour or hit a par­tic­u­lar post date, I will work with you to do so. Soon to be pub­lished books will most likely be reviewed within a month before expected release date. Already pub­lished books, unless oth­er­wise mutu­ally agreed, will be reviewed on my sched­ule. Please note that I have a full-time job and other respon­si­bil­i­ties, as well as an ever-growing to be read pile so it may take me a month or two to get a review of your book posted.

While I do resell or swap books that I myself have pur­chased, I do not resell review copies or ARCs. I work with a group of teach­ers at a local school and usu­ally give them any level appro­pri­ate books for their class­room libraries. If you have any objec­tion to this once I have fin­ished review­ing your book, please let me know ahead of time.

I try to post between one and three full reviews a week, depend­ing on my read­ing time and book length.

I am open to author mini reviews, par­tic­i­pat­ing in blog tours, and host­ing giveaways.

Note: Not all books/items reviewed on this site are from out­side sources. A good por­tion of them are books that I find in the book­store or through friend recommendations.

Com­pen­sa­tion / FTC: I receive no com­pen­sa­tion for any review that appears on this blog. I am a mem­ber of Amazon’s affil­i­ate pro­gram. Please note that the source of the items reviewed in no way what­so­ever affect my opinion.

All con­tent and pho­tos copy­right © ajp for Stain­son­theP­age. 2008–2012. All rights reserved. If you’re read­ing this on a site other than StainsonthePage.com, be aware that this con­tent has been stolen and is used with­out permission.

Con­tact: My email address is amanda@stainsonthepage.com.

Note: This site is a new iter­a­tion of my for­mer alias/website UrbanBachelorette.com.  Some posts were pre­vi­ously pub­lished there and have been moved here.

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