35 before 35

On Novem­ber 10, 2014 I will be 35 years old.  Quite a long time if you think about it, and while I have accom­plished a lot in these few short years, there are many things I have not done.  I’ve decided to start a sort of ‘bucket list’ although I dis­like that term.  There are many things on this list that are purely for fun and there are a few more chal­leng­ing activities.

As I cross these off, I will pro­vide dates fin­ished so I can see how pro­duc­tive I am over the year.

  1. Adopt a fam­ily for the holidays
  2. Attend Book­Expo Amer­ica (May 28–31; NYC)
  3. Attend San Diego Comic­Con (July) or Dark­Con (Jan­u­ary 9–12; Phoenix) or Drag­onCon (Atlanta)
  4. Clip coupons and actu­ally use them to shop
  5. Delete my social media pro­files (face­book, twit­ter, etc. for a min­i­mum of 1 week)
  6. Dress up fancy and go to a non-fancy place — Birth­day Din­ner 11/10/2013
  7. Get dressed up and go out for Halloween
  8. Go to an orches­tra performance
  9. Go to the opera
  10. Hike the Din­gle Way in Ireland
  11. Host a din­ner party
  12. Lose 50 lbs
  13. Pho­to­graph Ante­lope Canyon, Ari­zona
  14. Post a min­i­mum of 1 photo each week for SOTP
  15. Re-launch the Origami Enve­lope Project
  16. See 1 movie every week in the theater
  17. See Cirque du Soleil in Vegas
  18. See Cirque du Soleil on tour
  19. Spend a day at the spa
  20. Start and fin­ish 1 book every week
  21. Start my web design business
  22. Stop smok­ing
  23. Take a course on Craftsy.com
  24. Take Alaska cruise
  25. Take my niece horse­back rid­ing — Sat­ur­day, 11/9/2013
  26. Visit Dis­ney­land
  27. Visit Dis­ney­world
  28. Visit Hawaii
  29. Visit San Diego Wild Ani­mal Park - Thurs­day, 11/7/2013 (View Post)
  30. Visit Santa Maria del Fiore: The Flo­rence Cathedral
  31. Visit Yel­low­stone National Park
  32. Walk through a corn maze
  33. Write a min­i­mum of 1 review a week for SOTP
  34. Polar Express Grand Canyon Railway
  35. Cre­ate LLC for design business
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